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Creating Healthy Routines: Mental Health Awareness Month- Tools to Thrive

Written by Kristen Reese; Associate Director of Rediscovering You

The next tool to thrive from Mental Health America’s toolkit I want to highlight is “Creating Healthy Routines”. This one has been a big one for me the last couple months as we have all been asked to quarantine. At first it was nice to get up when I wanted, go for a walk when I wanted, and work when I wanted. I found myself needing to work on the weekend to make sure I was getting in my 40 hours. I wasn’t getting a full day off of work, which started to affect my mental health.

After two weeks of doing things whenever I wanted, I had to put myself on a schedule. The first thing I did was make sure I put in my work hours during the week (most of the time). I mapped out my work day by the hour. This didn’t mean I couldn’t be flexible when things came up, but I went into the day knowing what I wanted to accomplish for the day. Then, I made sure to schedule some self-care time every day. Yes, every day (I mean, what else are we going to do right now)! That could be going for a walk, reading, writing/journaling, listening to music, or even watching television or a movie. No matter the circumstances you need to make sure you schedule enough time in your week for self-care (see a previous blog for tips). You need to take time to recharge your batteries.

On the day-to-day I was in a better mood when I stuck to the schedule

. I found I could get things done without as much stress, because the priorities of the day were established for me. With not knowing when I’ll actually go back to my physical workplace, I had to take control and stick to a routine. “I like having a routine, because everything else… is so unpredictable,” said Jordana Brewster, actress. I could not agree more.

See what tips for success you can utilize to create a health routine for yourself at

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