Q Card Project

In order to help improve effective, sensitive, and culturally competent mental health care/treatment for the LGBTQ community, Rediscovering You provides free Q Cards to various districts and mental/physical health providers within the Greater Kansas City area.  Within the first two months of providing this service, Rediscovering You disbursed over 2,430 Q Cards, and partnered with one large K-12 school district, a university health care clinic, a university counseling center, and a local hospital.  Additional Q Cards were widely disbursed by Rediscovering You at local conferences to mental health providers.

Q Cards are provided on an "as able" basis based upon donations made to Rediscovering You.  If you are a current provider or educator and would like to learn more about this initiative, please reach out to Rediscovering You via email at rediscoveringyou@rediscovering-you.org.  

Everyone deserves access to effective, sensitive, and culturally competent mental health care!

Rediscovering You Has Provided Q Cards to the Following Organizations:


Olathe School District


UMKC Counseling Services


UMKC Student Health and Wellness


University of Kansas Health System; Behavioral Health and Psychiatry Operations